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I am writing under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to request information regarding your authority’s and your associated Health & Wellbeing Board’s work to address some specific needs of people with impairments/disabilities in your local population, and to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in that respect compared to people who do not have impairments/disabilities.

Specifically, research in the last few decades has shown that while people with impairments/disabilities have needs for social and sexual relationships — just like anyone else — they very often experience profound barriers to having those needs met.

Many of these barriers are within the control — and remit — of the local authority and strategic partners to influence.

These barriers have a major negative influence on the health and wellbeing of people with impairments. Since they are considerably disadvantaged in this way, this is likely to be an important health inequality in your local population.

It is therefore very important that the authority and the Health & Wellbeing Board assess the extent and nature of the problem, and agree plans to address those needs and thereby to reduce the inequalities.

I would, therefore, be grateful to receive information about the authority and its associated Health and Wellbeing Board’s assessment of the problem; the local needs and barriers; and plans to tackle any associated inequalities. Specifically:

1.  Kindly identify any estimates used by the authority and/or its associated HWBs of the numbers of people in your local population who have impairments/disabilities and the types of such impairments. Kindly let me have copies of the relevant reports. It would also be very helpful if you could identify any section in your Joint Strategic Needs Assessment where these are detailed.

2.  Please identify any assessments of the health and wellbeing needs of people with impairments/disabilities in your local population, and the barriers they face in having their needs met.

Please note that I do not refer to individual client needs, but rather those of groups (or “populations”) of people with impairments — for example, people in your local population who are blind, or those with very limited movement. I would be very grateful if any sections focusing on their social and sexual needs relating to health and wellbeing could be identified.

If a relevant epidemiological needs assessment has been carried out, that would be especially useful.

3.  Please state whether the authority, and its associated HWBs, have already agreed or scheduled any plans to address the health and wellbeing needs of people with impairments/disabilities specifically related to their social and sexual relationship needs, and if so, kindly let me have copies. In order to assist you with this request, my query has been outlined as specifically as possible. If however this request is too wide or too unclear, I would be grateful if you could contact me by email as I understand that under the act, you are required to advise and assist requesters.

Response 08-04-2015

We are able to provide the Learning Disability strategy and can advise that the Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy and the Physical & Sensory Disability SD Strategies are exempt under Section 27(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information intended for future publication within the next 12 week period

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