FOI Request - Car Parks

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1.  Which car parks did your council operate during the tax year 2013-2014?

2.  How are each of these car parks managed (i.e. contract, byelaw, other legislation)?

3.  Of these car parks, which use private contractors to enforce parking restrictions?

4.  How much total revenue has the council made in the last tax year from parking fines on council owned land?

5.  How much of this revenue has come from parking fines on council sites managed by private contractors?

6.  Do you use DVLA data to help you enforce parking restrictions at any of your sites? If so, which sites?

7.  Of the car parking sites managed by private enforcement officers- how many letters have been sent to car owners including a reference to potential court action?

Response 16-03-2015

1. List of car parks governed by the car park order can be found here and here.

2. In-house under Grampian Regional Council (Off-Street Car Parks) Order 1989.

3. None.

4. 13/14 - £10k
14/15 to date £6.5k

5. None.

6. Yes, potentially all car parks listed in 1 above to provide details of registered keeper.

7. N/A

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