FOI Request - Public Bodies (Joint Working)(Scot) Act 2014 Implementation

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I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2005 to request information on how your authority is implementing the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act.  I should be obliged therefore, if you could provide answers to the following questions:

1. Please advise which model of integration you are operating as from 1 April 2015  under the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014        
(a)       Body Corporate Model
(b)       Lead Agency Model

2. Which Health Board/Local Authority(ies) have you integrated with?

3(i)  What is the scope of your integration?  Is it limited to adult care or are other services included in the plan?  

(ii) Have you or do you intend to include Children’s services?

4. What engagement has there been with trade unions?

5. What arrangements have been made for trade unions to participate in decision- making processes?
6. What arrangements have been made for stakeholders to participate in decision-making processes?                       

7. How have resources been allocated to the new joint arrangements and how much money has been delegated to the new structures?

8. Is a Chief Officer in place?

9. What governance and monitoring structures have been put in place?

10. Have any staff transferred to a different  employer, either on a permanent  basis or by  secondment? If so what TUPE+ provision has been put in place?

11. Do you have a Strategic Commissioning Plan in place and what implications has this for services currently delivered in-house or outsourced?

12. Do you have any proposals for utilising shared services?

13. Are staff from different employers working together? If so, what  arrangements have been made for managing different terms and conditions as well as    procedural agreements such as discipline and grievance?

14. What provisions have been made for staff governance in the new structures including staff representation on your joint committees?

15. What arrangements have been made for managing Health & Safety?

Response 27-03-2015

1(a) Moray is operating under a Body Corporate model and will do so in shadow form from 1st April 2015.

2.  NHS Grampian Board /The Moray Council

3 (i) For Moray this is limited to Adult Care excluding Criminal Justice

3 (ii)  No plan at this point to include Children’s services in Moray but working closely with leads in this area to ensure coherence.  Chief Social Worker in Moray is also Head of Childrens Services and along with the Director of Education and Social Care, sits on the Moray sIJB

4.  Involvement of Trades Unions and Partnership side throughout the process.  TU / staffside reps sit on each of the Transitional Leadership Groups and we have formal meeting structures both corporately at NHS Grampian level and within each of the partnerships.  Staff side sit on a number of key workstreams across all partnerships and there have been regular workshops led by staff side that have had Integration as a theme.  In each partnership significant engagement with all partners, including staff side, continue to take place.  Staff side were key consultees on the Draft Integration Schemes required under the Act.

5.  As above

6.  Significant partnership processes are in place in each area  around Transitional Leadership Groups/Shadow Integrated Joint Boards and on senior programme and operational structures beneath this.  These will differ from partnership to partnership reflecting the different structures and stakeholder elements in place in each area e.g. Third Sector Interfaces and other partners.  Other key stakeholders include Acute Health services and Mental Health and a programme of engagement and consultation has taken place, with more planned.         

7.   Financial resources will not be allocated to the new Integrated Joint Boards until they become formally established.  This will be in place for April 16/17when the IJB is formally established in Moray.  Resources will be allocated to meet the costs of services for which responsibility will be delegated to the Integrated Joint Boards.  The projected resource that will be allocated from NHS Grampian and The Moray Council are in the region of 100 million, however significant work is still underway to agree the final budget.

8.  Yes, commenced in post 1st October 2014.

9.  In development as required by the Act and Regulations with further work taking place in the shadow period.

10.  No

11.  Strategic Planning process as set out in the Act is underway.

12.  Not as a direct result of Integration and the Public Bodies Act

13.  HR and OD elements are a key priority.  Teams work well together and have done over a long period in Moray and further work under the Act will see us formalising arrangements more so that we work as ‘one team’.  We have set out in  the Integration Scheme detail at a high level on how this will be supported and have made clear that while an employee might be managed by a manager from another organisation, their Terms and Conditions will remain the same and appropriate support and supervision will be put in place.  A workforce working group is in place in each of the partnerships developing this in detail as part of the ongoing preparation for ‘go live’.

14.  Staff are prescribed people under the Act and Regulations and as such have a place in terms of participation and consultation.

15.  It is acknowledged that there is a need to ensure robust, integrated approaches to this is required and work is being done by our workforce group to map policies and procedures for Health and Safety across our partnerships in Grampian, taking cognisance of the relative statutory duties of the parent bodies.

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