FOI Request - Planning Weekly Lists & Pre-Applications

Request 101000329077

I seek the following information on council practice and policy regarding access to planning information.

1. Is it possible for members of the public to obtain paper copies of the weekly list? If so, where are they made available?

2. If provided, are paper copies of the weekly list provided for free? If not, how much does it cost to get a paper copy?

3. How many people are currently sent the weekly list by email? Of this total, what proportion are elected members or council employees?

4. How many people are currently signed up to receive any kind of planning alert (including the weekly list) on the council planning portal?

5. Can anyone be added to the email distribution list for the "weekly planning list?" If so, is this promoted to the public and by what means? If there is an any sign-up information on the council website, please supply the url.

6. Does the council routinely publish comments about planning applications to the planning portal, prior to the determination of the application? If the planning policy has a written policy on this please supply it.

7. Is the online planning portal provided by the council "responsive" so that it can easily be accessed by people using mobile devices?

8. Does the council routinely webcast planning committee meetings live? Are meetings archived and made available to the public? If so, how long is public access maintained? If yes, please supply relevant urls.

9. Does the council record and minute the individual votes of councillors at planning committee meetings?

10. Does the council provide an RSS feed, or a Geo RSS feed, of new planning applications registered with the council? If not, why not?

11. Does the council take pro-active steps to promote community engagement in Pre-application Consultation? If so, what?

12. Does the council keep a register of third-parties that have requested to be involved in developer-led pre-application consultation for major developments in their area? If so, how many contacts are on it? If not, how do planners determine which groups developers are required to consult with at pre-application stage?

13. What guidance is provided to developers during the pre-application consultation stage? If there are standard conditions or policies please supply the appropriate documents.

14. Are developers routinely required by the planning service to make all their pre-application consultation materials online?

15. Are developers routinely required by the planning service to publish raw data on consultation responses as part of their pre-application consultation reports?

16. Does the local authority vet pre-application materials to ensure that they represent the proposal truthfully and give participants a fair opportunity to express a view?

17. How many times have planners rejected a pre-application consultation process as inadequate or incomplete in the last two years?

18. Is the entire local authority area covered by active community councils? If not, how many community councils in the council area are 'dormant' or 'inactive?'

Response 13-03-2015

Q1 - No

Q2 - N/A

Q3 - Weekly List.

Q4 - There are currently 1,620 users watching planning and building standards applications.

Q5 - Not promoted, anyone can be added.

Q6 - Planning Policy.

Q7 - Yes but would depend on individual user setting whether or not it can be accessed.

Q8.  Yes  all Service Committee Meetings are webcast live and are then archived and available for public viewing for a period of 6 months.  The URL is as follows:  This will take you to the page where the archive meetings are listed and will also provide you with the link to any meeting taking place at that time.

Q9.  Yes all votes are recorded and minuted for all Service Committee meetings.  Each vote recorded lists how each individual member voted.

Q10 - No.  The planning portal provides a real time view of all applications once valid.

Q11 - PAC & PAN Process for major application in place.

Q12 - No

Q13 - This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information is otherwise accessible.  For ease it can be found at

Q14 - No.

Q15 - Yes this is part of reviewing the PAC report

Q16 - As above

Q17 - None as far as I am aware.

Q18  This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information otherwise accessible.  For ease the information can be found at

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