FOI Request - Charges Levied to Service Users

Request 101000327047

We understand that to allow the Scottish Government to compile the Scottish Local Government Finance Statistics 2013/14 all local authorities in Scotland need to calculate their total income from charges to service users across each different local authority portfolio area to enable a total for Scotland to be calculated (Annex B of these statistics accessible here).

Against this background, we request a list of the name and amount of every charge levied to service users in an itemised list, which demonstrates how the Council calculated their total income from charges to service users, for: (a) Education Services; and (b) Social Work Services for the following years:

1. 2013/2014
2. 2012/13
3. 2011/12
4. 2010/11
5. 2009/10
6. 2008/09
7. 2007/08

Response 27-03-2015

The information we have for 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 can be found here.

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