FOI Request - High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013

Request 101000326857

•     High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 - S8

We would be obliged if you can provide us with the following details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by The Moray Council under the legislation listed above:

•  Notices or Orders that remain extant as at 24th February 2015

Notices or Orders that have been complied with and have monies owed to The Moray Council as at 24th February 2015

•  Notices or Orders that have invoices pending in respect of works carried out by or on behalf of The Moray Council to resolve the matter as at 24th February 2015

If it is not possible for the details of outstanding monies to be confirmed we would be obliged if you can provide us with the following details:

•  all notices served or orders made by The Moray Council, from 7th August 2014 to 24th February 2015 under the legislation listed above

When answering in the negative to any of the above, we would be obliged if you would confirm that you are doing so.

Wherever possible we would be grateful if the information could be prepared to include the following:

•reference numbers.
•addresses of the subjects the actions are served over.
•summary descriptions of the nature of the works/contravention.
•relevant dates.
•status of the action.
•amounts owed to the council (when available).

We do not require the personal data contained with these records. We would also prefer to receive this information in an electronic format, failing which in hard copy.

Thank you for your consideration of our request.

Response 12-03-2015

The Moray Council have one High Hedge Notice that remains extant details as follows:-

i) Issued 6th February 2015 in regards to hedge situated adjacent to the south west boundary of Little Buinach Lodge, Kellas, Moray IV30 8TS this matter is currently the subject of an appeal by the hedge owner.

ii) There are no monies owed to the Moray Council in relation to this legislation.

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