FOI Request - Household Waste Treatment Contract

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Your household waste treatment contract for Dry recyclate, Food & Green waste has recently finished or is due to finish.  Would you be able to provide the following information on your new contract:

1. Date current contract started (Month and Year)

2. Contract duration (Months and years)   

3. Any extension options (if so, length of extension in months and years)  

4. Date current contract ends (Month and Year)     

5. Name of company handling contract       

6. Landfill and other waste sites used

7. Tonnes of waste involved (to the nearest 1,000 tonnes)

8. Annual tonnage (to the nearest 1,000 tonnes)

9. No. of HWRC's used

10. Name of company handling contract

Response 04-03-2015

1.  Green and Food Waste Treatment: 1 March 2015. 

Dry Recyclates: Current operating on local agreements and contract extensions pending assessment of procurement options in house or through Scotland Excel Framework. Target for completion and contract commencement by 1st June 2015.


2.  Green and Food Waste Treatment: 4 years. 

Dry Recyclates: See question 1.


3.  Green and Food Waste Treatment: 1 year. 

Dry Recyclates: See question 1.


4. Green and Food Waste Treatment: 1 March 2019. 

Dry Recyclates: See question 1.


5.  Green and Food Waste Treatment: Keenan Recycling. 

Dry Recyclates: Mixed paper, OCC & mixed plastic bottles to Saica Natur, Kirkaldy. Steel cans to J. Gordon Williamson, Elgin. Aluminium cans to Novelis vie ACE, Stirling


6.  In house landfill and sorting facility for kerbside collected mixed cans and plastic bottles.

7.  Green and Food Waste Treatment: Annual Tonnage Circa 12,000T. 

Dry Recyclates: Mixed Paper 5000 tonnes p.a. OCC, 1500 tonnes p.a. Mixed Plastic Bottles, 900 tonnes p.a. Steel Cans, 400 tonnes p.a.Elgin Aluminium cans, 100 tonnes p.a. to Novelis

All tonnage include those arising from our segregated kerbside collection and HWRCs


8.  See question 7.

9.  7 (mixed cans and plastic bottles separated for onward sale to in-house Materials Recycling Facility).

10.  All HWRCs are operated in house.

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