FOI Request - Council Flags

Request 101000324681

1) Whether the Council has a Flag? (This being a symbol or coat of arms or any other design particular to the Council on a flag that it flies in public).

2) How many flags of this design does the Council have and how manyflagpoles does the Council fly them on?

3) How much has been spent on these flags by the Council in the last 12 months and how much has been spent on flagpoles ?

4) On which days does the Council fly its flag?

5) On which days does the Council fly the Saltire?

6) On which days does Council fly the Union Jack?

7) Does the Council fly any of these flags in combination, if so in which combination and on which days and for what reasons.

Response 19-02-2015

1)  No

2)  N/A

3)  N/A

4)  N/A

5)  Permanently

6)  Permanently

7)  N/A

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