FOI Request - Road Speed Limit Variations

Request 101000324479

Please supply details of any roads, managed by the council, where the speed limit has been varied in the past two years.

This should include the speed limit before and after the change, the stretch of road affected with its length (if available), the date of the change and any reasons listed for the variation in speed limit

Response 20-02-2015

1. Introduced 40mph Speed Limit through realigned section of U173E through Forres Enterprise Park.  This involved raising speed limit on a 500m section from 30 mph to 40mph and introducing a 40mph restriction on a new 500m section of road.  These changes were because the route had changed from a cul-de-sac to a through route and the criteria to retain the existing 30mph were not met. Changes came into force on 22.3.2013.

2. Introduced section of 40mph road on the A941 at Glassgreen Elgin to reflect change in road network which resulted from creation of access to new residential development. The prevailing speed limit for that length of road was reduced from 60mph to 40mph for a distance of 326 metres. Changes came into force on 21.03.2013.

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