FOI Request - Crematorium Sites Metal Recycling

Request 101000324184

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2002, it will be much appreciated if you can help me with answers to the following questions:

1) Is metal recycling utilised by any of your council run crematoria?

2) What crematorium sites under your local authority control participate in a metal recycling scheme?

3) For each crematoria, please tell me when metal recycling was introduced?

4) How much metal (weight in tonnes/kilograms) has been recovered annually for each of the previous five years?

5) What revenue has been generated annually, for each of the previous five years, from crematoria metal recycling?

6) Please can you provide the percentage breakdown of the metals recovered (ie gold, palladium, copper, etc)?

7) How is the recovered metal used (ie for construction of road signs or aircraft parts)?

8) What does the local authority spend revenue earned from crematoria

Response 18-02-2015

The Moray Council do not own or operate a crematorium.

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