FOI Request - Wastewater Charges

Request 101000323301

I would like to request information on properties that do not pay wastewater charges for Scottish Water wastewater services in their Council Tax bill.

SEPA would like the data from the council tax information so that we can map all private drainage discharging to watercourses, to enable us to better model the impact of private drainage on our water environment. Individually private drainage arrangements do not often cause a problem, but in some areas where there are a number of private drainage systems, the cumulative effect can be significant. We would like to better understand the impact of the cumulative effect of these systems so that we can develop policies to improve water quality where source apportionment concludes that private drainage is a significant contributory factor.

The data would not have to have any personal identifiers on it, just the location of the property which has private drainage arrangements. I understand that there is an identifier number (UPRN) which is unique to each property, matches with data from the Ordnance Survey AddressBase product and is not personal data. The data would be used solely to inform our water quality modelling and not for enforcement purposes.

Response 13-02-2015

We have spoken to Scottish Water who are the originators of this data, and they will be able to assist you.

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