FOI Request - Official Council Cars

Request 101000323121

Note: This request relates to travel using official council cars  where the council supplies a driver to take  passengers to and from meetings/engagements etc. Those passengers may be councillors or council managers/directors.

1. How many official cars do you have? For each one state: make, model, age, registration number, ownership, ie lease/rented.  (If zero official cars then the rest of the request is irrelevant).

2. For the 2013/14 year, provide details of all journey taken by the cars. For each journey, state the date and time, departure point, destination, any stop off or via points, purpose of journey and who was a passenger in the car. If councillor or senior director, state their name.

3. State the running costs of each car including: leasing/hire purchase cost, fuel spend, insurance, maintenance/repairs and associated staff costs.

Response 13-02-2015

Moray Council does not have any official cars.

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