FOI Request - Bridge Street and Forres High Street

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We hereby submit a Freedom of Information request in terms of the 2002 Act.  For 2013, please provide the following information:-

1.  Any written guidance the Council refers to prior to undertaking any repair work on a public highway

2.  What risk management was undertaken prior to any repair work being done on the public footpath on Forres High Street to ensure the safety of the public

3.  Details of dates any works commenced and completed on Bridge Street and Forres High Street, public footpath

4.  Details of when any barriers or protective measures were erected and removed on Bridge Street and Forres High Street public footpath

5.  Details of all works relating to the footpath repaired near Logie Carpets before the Bus Shelter on Bridge Street, Forres High Street and

     Detailed breakdown of how often the area was inspected
     Details of the individuals who carried out the works
     Provide details of what preventative measures were taken to keep any barriers and/or cones in situ
     If barriers were provided, details of their height

Please also provide details of -

Any incidents or accidents reported to you which took place on the public footpath, Bridge Street and Forres High Street

Any payments made to individuals following a fall, on the public footpath, Bridge Street and Forres High Street

Response 24-03-2015

1. The Moray Council would refer to several written guidance documents prior to undertaking repair work on a public road, including national documents such as Specification for Highway Works, Method of Measurement for Road and Bridge Works, Infrastructure Conditions of Contract Minor Works, Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, and Safety at Street Works and Road Works. Internal documents referred to would include the Annual Maintenance Contract Document and related Highway Construction Details, see

2. Risk management undertaken with specific reference to safety of the public on Forres High Street repair works would include:

a) Footway closed to pedestrians within extent of work site as indicated by barriers and signs.

b) Recognition of pedestrians requiring access to bus stop. Whilst on site, walkway provided to allow pedestrians to safely bypass work area.

c) Whilst on site temporary ramps to allow mobility scooters and prams to transfer from public footway to walkway without having to mount kerbs  

d) Establish a no waiting restriction along south side of Bridge Street to facilitate b & c.

3. Commenced 07/10/2013 - Completed 20/12/2013

4. Bridge Street: Barriers, signs, relocation of bus stop, etc in place for the full duration as per dates above.  High Street: Barriers, signs, etc in place between 7 October to 20 December, during the working week, but the segregated bypass walkway was removed over weekends when the public footway was pre-planned to be available for normal use by pedestrians. The dates when specific phases were commenced or completed is not recorded.

5. Replacement of Street Lighting Column.

5a: 08/10/2013, after incident of 16/10/2013,24/10/2013,07/11/2013,26/11/2013,16/12/2013 then removed 20/12/2013

5b: The Council is prevented from supplying the names of individuals who carried out the works, within an FOI enquiry.

5c: Proprietary barriers clip together for stability and cones have a sufficiently weighted base so that normally no further measures are required to keep these in place.

5d: Barrier height 1.2mts

6a. One incident reported

6b One payment made.

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