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Request 101000319300

Q1. Do you look after your own IT or is it outsourced?

Q2. How much did you pay in last financial year for software licenses?

Q3. How many computers users do you have?

Q4. When do you need to renew the contract with Microsoft for software licenses? What was the value of your last contract?

Q5. Do you currently measure software usage versus the number of licenses purchased? If so what is used for software usage metering?

Q6. Do you use a software asset management tool?

Q7. Please also provide details of IT Contracts Managers and any person(s) involved in IT Software procurement.

Response 20-02-2015

Q1  In house

Q2  £453,000

Q3  15,000

Q4  2017, £112,000 per annum

Q5  Yes, various in house tools

Q6  Yes

Q7  ICT Managers with responsibility for Applications and Infrastructure

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