FOI Request - IT Equipment & Providers

Request 101000317402

1. How many computer users do you have?

2. How many laptops do you have?

3. How many desktops do you have?

4. Who is your primary laptop vendor?

5. Who is your primary desktop vendor.

6. How many physical windows servicers do you have?

7. Who is your primary windows server vendor?

8. Who is your secondary windows servor vendor?

9. How many physical non-windows servers do you have?

10. Who is your primary non-windows vendor?

11. Who is your secondary non-windows vendor?

12. How many number of linux servers do you have?

13. How many virtual servers do you have?

14. What is the primary virtualisation software used?

15. What is your primary storage mechanism?

16. What is your storage capacity?

17. How much data do you store?

18. Who is your primary storage vendor?

19. Who is your secondary storage vendor?

20. What databases do you use?

21. What groupware do you use?

22. Have you virtualised storage?

23. What desktop virtualisation solutions do you run?

24. What was the IT budget for April 2014 - April 2015?

25. What software applications do you run?

26. What cloud services do you use?

27. What maintenance contracts do you have in place?

28. Who are the contracts with?

29. What dates do you renew the contracts?

Response 16-02-2015

1. c15,000

2. c2,500

3. c4,500

4. Lenovo

5. HP

6. c120

7. Dell

8. IBM

9. 4

10. Oracle

11. N/A

12. N/A

13. c180

14. VMware

15. SAN

16. N/A

17. N/A

18. Dell

19. IBM

20. SQL, Oracle, Progress

21. MS Exchange

22. No

23. Citrix

24. c£3.1m

25. The information you requested can be found here.

26. Software as a Service.

27. Suppliers of the systems have been identified above with internal systems identified as 'In House'.

28. Suppliers identified in Q25.

29. Annual maintenance and support contracts have variable dates throughout the year.

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