FOI Request - Social Media Policy

Request 101000316514

1. Do you have a formal social media policy in place for your social workers in
a) adults’ and/or
b) children’s services?  This could be a policy that governs their access to social media at work, or general guidance around conduct on social media in their personal lives, or both.

2. If not, do you issue new starters with informal guidance as to their expected conduct on social media?

3. Please give details, and attach a copy of the policy if available

4. If you have a social media policy, how long has it been in place for? If not, do you have any plans to implement one in the future?

5. How many social workers across all teams have been reprimanded in any way recordable for matters relating to use of social media (formal warning, discussed in supervision and recorded, social worker dismissed, referred to HCPC) in:
a) 2012
b) 2013
c) 2014 

Response 29-01-2015

1.  Attached guidance for all Moray Council staff, including Social Workers.  The guidance is currently under review.

2.  N/A - see Q1

3.  See guidance attached

4.  Since March 2011

5.  None 

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