FOI Request - Employees and Living Wage

Request 101000315908

1. How many people you currently employ, of them how many receive above or equal to the living wage as set out by the Living Wage Foundation of £7.85 across the UK and £9.15 in London per hour?

2. Additionally to the above of those that do receive equal/above the Living wage how many are Male & how many Female?

Response 29-01-2015

1.  The Moray Council currently employs 5892 people.  The Living Wage has been incorporated as part of the national pay bargaining and, as such, all eligible employees receive the living wage (currently £7.65 per hour).  This is currently paid for those with an hourly rate below £7.65 by means of a supplement.

2.  1426 male and 4466 female.

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