FOI Request - Parking Appeals 2014

Request 101000315834

I request copies of the following:
1. The number of parking appeals lodged in 2014 within your council area and the appeal success rate.

2. The grounds on which appeals were successful

3. The number of parking tickets cancelled due to unclear road markings

Response 06-02-2015

1.         We are unable to give a definitive number of parking appeals as these can come through by telephone of which there is no record.   However, in 2014 there were a total of 31 excess charge notices cancelled.

2.         The above excess charge notices were cancelled either by producing a valid ticket, i.e. the ticket had fallen down or on producing a valid disabled badge.

3.         None of the excess charge notices were issued because of unclear road markings - if the markings are not clear an excess charge notice would not be issued.

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