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1)      How much has been spent in the past five years (year by year) on street lighting?

2)      When are street lights switched on/off? If times have changed over the past five years, please state times for each year.

3)      Has the level of brightness in street lights been reduced over the past five years? If so, please state the measured brightness for each year.

4)      What type of lamps are used for street lights? If this has changed in the past five years, please state the different types.

Response 09-02-2015

1. This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information otherwise accessible.  The information can be found here, select 1.0 Budget Summaries.

2. The lights are switched via a photo-electric cell.  There are currently 3 types in use:

70/70 lux which average 4162 hours per year     (SOX/SON)
70/35 lux which average 4130 hours per year     (SON)
35/18 lux which average 4084 hours per year     (Compact Fluorescent, CosmoPolis & LED)

3. The brightness on new developments or capital schemes will have been reduced by 1 classification (eg.S3 down to S4) with the new white light source lamps. They are also dimmed between 00:00-06:00 on average by 30%.   

4. SOX  - Yellow appearance
SON - Golden appearance
Compact Fluorescent - White appearance
CosmoPolis - White appearance
LED - White appearance

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