FOI Request - Non Domestic Rate Accounts

Request 101000314075

Could you please supply the details of all your non-domestic rate payers, within your Local Authority, I am seeking to source the following information: -

•         The Business Account reference?
•         Account Holder or the business trading name?
•         Full postal Address including post code?
•         The Account Holder telephone number
•         Their Rateable Value?
•         What if any relief they receive? SBRR, RETAIL, RURAL relief etc. etc.
•         The date the account holder became liable for NON DOMESTIC RATES
•         Also if possible please include all businesses THAT ARE NOT currently receiving any form of local support / relief from your respective authority
•         My preference would be to receive the most updated report if possible from December 2014 onwards?

Response 05-02-2015

The information requested can be found here

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