FOI Request - Management of Contracts

Request 101000313682

Please provide any and all of the following information where it relates to and applies to your organisations management of contracts (including building, technical, maintenance, FM etc) irrespective of the status of the information (i.e. draft, unapproved, approved, expired etc.) and either in current or planned use, or in use during the past 5 years.

• Cabinet/Board Reports
• Policies and/or Strategies
• Procedures
• Contract Management Guidance
• Guidance Notes
• User Manuals
• Standing Orders
• Standard Forms
• Standard Templates

Response 16-01-2015

The information requested can be found in the following documents - 

Procurement Performance Report - Appendices

Financial Regulations Policy

Moray Council Procurement Policy

Procurement Strategy 2010-2014

Procurement Procedures

Online Services

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