FOI Request - Various Contact Details

Request 101000312545

1)  (a) Head of Waste Management
     (b) Operations Managers for Waste Management if different from person named above
2)  (a) Head of Street cleaning department
     (b) Operations Managers for Street Cleaning teams if different from person named above

3)   (a) Person responsible for overall Health & Safety at council / H&S manager
      (b) H&S Manager(s)/Officer(s) responsible for safety of outdoor workers if different from the person named above

4)   (a) Head of Social Care and Adult Care departments
      (b) Operations Managers for Social Care and Adult Care departments

5)   (a) Head of Environmental Services
      (b) Operations Managers of Environmental Services if different from the person names above

6)   (a) Head of Procurement
      (b) Person responsible for procurement of personal protective equipment
      (c) Personal responsible for procurement of footwear for outdoor workers

7)   (a) Head of School Crossing Patrol Team
      (b) Operations Managers for School Crossing Patrol Team if different from the above

8)   (a) Head of Facilities management

9)   (a) Head of Highways and Roads Maintenance
      (b) Operations Managers for Highways and Roads Maintenance

10)  (a) Head of Grounds Maintenance/Parks and Countryside
       (b) Operations Managers for Grounds Maintenance/Parks and Countryside if different from the above.

Response 13-01-2015

1)  Ian Bruce,

2)  Ian Bruce, as above at 1)

3)  Doug Reid,

4)  Jane Mackie,

5)  (a)  Jim Grant,

      (b) Donnie MacKay,

6)  Diane Beattie,

7)  Ian Bruce, as above

8)  Nick Goodchild,

9)  Bill Ross,

10)  Ian Bruce, as above

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