FOI Request - Infrastructure Assets

Request 101000312065

I require a complete list of all current infrastructure assets held by the Moray Council, including in particular the length of roads, number of street lights, and number of bridges the Council is responsible for.

Could you also state whether you are classed as a rural or urban council?

Information is for part of a university dissertation.

Response 09-01-2015

1. The asset information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, otherwise accessible.  The information can be found at (see page 6 of the ‘Road Asset Management Plan’). 

 In addition, the Council has 376no road bridges with a span of 1.5 metres or greater.  It also is responsible for 120no bridges remote from the road network (e.g. long distance footpaths – Speyside Way, SUSTRANS 1 etc).

2. Moray Council is usually classed as a rural Council.

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