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Moray has been involved with the National Living it Up Project as one of the five early implementer sites since the launch in 2012. The project is funded by Technology Strategy Board and being managed nationally by NHS 24.

The project aims to improve the way people can access health and wellbeing services, information and products, find opportunities in their own community and share their experiences with others. 

Key to this has been the creation of, an exciting new digital service for the over 50s designed to help
you get more out of life and stay happier, healthier and safer.

It’s full of information on local services, products and social activities to support your health, care, wellbeing and personal

For example, why not put a spring in your step and join the Living it Up Community Challenge here.

There are four ways that can give you more and by registering you can make sure you're always in the know.


Do you have a head for numbers? Perhaps you want to hone your gardening skills, or maybe take up yoga? If you have time on your hands, talents you’d like to make more of or an urge to learn something new, Shine can provide you with inspiring opportunities available in your area.


Do you want to get more involved in your local area? Discover can show you what groups, events and social activities are available right on your doorstep.


Today’s technology may seem confusing, but with a little digital know-how it can make life a lot easier. Connect can help you learn new computer skills, let you keep in touch with loved ones living miles away and even help you talk to local groups and organisations without leaving the house.


If you live with a long-term condition, care for someone or you’re just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, it’s reassuring to know there are others who can help you. Flourish provides information and advice from trusted sources. It’s a place where you can seek and share advice with other people in the same situation as yourself.

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