FOI Request - Litter Bin Spend & Contracts

Request 101000310843

I am trying to establish how the council procures its external litter bins and have the following questions:

1. What has the council spent in each of the last 4 years to March 2014 on external street and park litter bins?

2. Going forward how is the budget expected to change and by how much?

3. Who have been the top 5 suppliers of litter bins in each of these years and how much did the council spend with each?

4. Has the council followed a tender process?  If so can you provide details including when any existing contracts come to an end.

5. If the council does not follow a tender process, how does the council select its supplier?

6. Does the council have a policy for renewals of litter bins?  If so please can I have a description.

7. Does the council rent or lease any litter bins?  If so please can I have details

8. When do you make the majority of your purchases?  Jan – March, April – Jun, Jul – Sept & Oct – Dec

9. Please provide access to any committee reports or council discussion papers prepared since 1 January 2013 that address the council’s plans for litter bin procurement

Response 12-01-2015

1. 2013/14 £868.00, 2012/13 £4774.00, 2011/12 £434.00, 2010/11 nil used existing stock.

2. The expenditure is not expected to change substantially.

3. Leafield (formally Linpac).  See answer to question 1 for expenditure.

4. Litter bins are procured from Scotland Excel Framework.

5. See 4 above.

6. No.

7. No.

8. Variable.

9. None.

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