FOI Request - Communications/Public Relations

Request 101000308806

1. What is the total communications/ public relations budget for your council? Please provide figures for each of the last six financial years, i.e. 2014/15, 13/14, 12/13, 11/12, 10/11 and 09/10.

2. How many staff are employed in your council's communications department? Please provide job titles.

3. Does your council have a budget for external communications work? If so, please state how much has been spent on this for each of the years above.

4. How many investigations has your council conducted into suspected leaks of information to the press in the above period? Please break down the information into the years above and provide details of the suspected leak - when it occurred, how it was investigated, which media outlet did the information 'leaked' appear in, was the investigation successful and what was the outcome for the council employees found to have leaked? Please state whether the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act was used as part of any of these leak investigations - for example, to gather phone records or spy on council employees/journalists - and provide details on how it was used.

Response 19-12-2014

1.   2014/15          £214,193

      2013/14          £168,224

      2012/13          £180,743

      2011/12          £165,195

2.   2 PPR and Communications Officers

      1 Public Relations Officer

3.  Clarification sought on this question - no clarification received therefore this question is closed.

4.  None

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