FOI Request - Self Directed Payment in Scotland - Moray

Request 101000306953

1. The name of your head of adult and older people services (This title may vary).

2. The email address of your head of adult and older people services.

3. The number of SDS recipients that are located within your Council

Response 17-12-2014

1. Jane Mackie, Head of Community Care


3. This data is based on assessment forms which were implemented in May 2013 to collect SDS information.  This only identifies how many have been assessed under SDS, this does not necessarily mean they currently get a service, and there will be duplicates where clients are reassessed or there  has been a change to their needs.  
Since forms went live there are 1,883 authorised assessments (support plans, amendments and reviews) for 1,614 clients where the SDS question has been answered.  

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