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Building Standards Seminar - Wednesday 27 November 2013

Grampian Building Standards Consortium are holding a seminar at Inverurie Town Hall on Wednesday 27 November 2013 13.30pm - 16.00pm

For further details please download a leaflet (PDF)

eNewsletter to Agents (Sent 23 October 2013)

An announcement by Scottish Government was made recently on the next set of energy standards to be introduced within the Scottish building regulations.

The press release can be read at:

Analysis of the Scottish Government consultation responses is now complete. Similarly, the output from the reconvened Sullivan Panel is just about complete. Ministers were briefed recently on both the consultation analysis and information from the draft Sullivan Report. Ministers took a view on the next steps for energy standards and an announcement on the timing and level of the next standards was made at the Central Belt Construction Summit in Glasgow on Wednesday 25 September. 

The Minister, Derek Mackay, announced that the Scottish Government will introduce revised standards, broadly as consulted upon, to deliver a 21% reduction in emissions from new homes and a 43% reduction in emissions from new non-domestic buildings but that these will be deferred until October 2015 to enable industry and government to use that additional time in support of successful delivery of the new standards.

To take forward the technical aspects of the review the Building Standards Division Departmental Working Group will now reconvene to review the range of issues flagged by consultees. Once the final Working Group meeting has been held, and further consideration given by Scottish Ministers, both the consultation and Scottish Government response will be published. The intention is that the publication of this document will be early November. An update on the proposed programme for implementation of the new standards will then be issued. 

eNewsletter to Agents – (Sent 27 September 2013) 

You may have already received a similar correspondence from other sources but in any case I am sure that you are already aware that the 2013 Edition of the Technical Handbooks will come into force on the 1st October 2013.

The Building Standards Division have published a summary guide which provides detail on the main changes introduced to the mandatory standards and associated guidance for 2013. The changes involve Sections 0, 2, 3, 4 and 7 of the Technical Handbooks. Links to this guide and the 2013 handbooks are provided below.

Technical Handbooks 2013 - Summary of changes document

Technical Handbook 2013 Domestic

Technical Handbook 2013 Non Domestic

I hope you find this useful and you should note that hard copies of the Standards are no longer available.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of these changes then please do not hesitate to get in touch either by telephone (01343) 563253 or email

eNewsletter to Agents (11 June 2013)

Welcome to our latest update on the Building Standards Service in Moray. I hope that some of the following will be of interest to you. It has been longer than anticipated since the last update but we have been busy trying to implement changes as part of the Council’s Developing Better Service initiative and we have moved office twice in that period!

Letter to Clients

Many of you expressed concern in the past regarding the value of the letter that we send to your clients to advise them that the technical assessment has been completed and a report sent to yourselves. We have reviewed our procedures and challenged the letter’s value and have decided that it has run its course. You will be pleased to hear therefore that this is no longer being sent.

Scanning of Mail

From early July 2013 we will be scanning all building warrant applications and mail that comes into the Service and storing these in an electronic document management system. The ultimate aim is to have a fully electronic service but it will take time to get there, at least we are starting the journey. As part of the process we have already started emailing letters to many of you rather than posting. If this doesn’t apply to you but you would like to receive mail in this way then please get back to me with your email address and I will ensure that you are included.

As part of this process it would help us greatly if you can send in only ONE set of plans with a new building warrant application. We will request further copies at a later stage before the warrant is granted. Also, if you can include our ‘Revised Plans Cover Sheet’ with any subsequent plans that would assist the scanning team to identify what and who the plans are for.

eBuilding Standards

In addition to scanning mail and using electronic mail as much as possible we hope also to develop our systems further to allow you to submit building warrant applications on line. Unlike Planning, we do not currently have the benefit of a National Portal initiative but we do hope to develop this in-house. In the short term we will endeavour to come up with a procedure that should allow you to email copies of your plans into us. The finer detail needs to be agreed and this will be developed once our ‘live mail’ and document management system is up and running.

Construction Compliance and Notification Plans (CCNP)

I advised you previously that, as part of the new National Performance Framework introduced on 1 October 2012, all warrant applications received from that date will have a CCNP document included with the Building Warrant approval that requires you, your client or the contractor to notify us at the key stages of construction specified. Whilst still in the early stages this new process has been working reasonably well and I simply remind you of the importance for you to make sure that this is understood by your clients. If we are not notified as stated then compliance with the plan will not have been achieved, we will not have had the opportunity to visit the site at the right time and that information gets reported back to the Building Standards Division of Scottish Government as part of our quarterly returns. This isn’t all about reporting facts and figures though, it’s about promoting both quality and consistency of compliance with building regulations and the working relationship between all parties involved in the building process.

If you have any comments to make on any of these points or would like to offer any other suggestions or observations them please do not hesitate to get in touch by either by telephone (01343) 563243 or email or by completing our customer survey

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