Senior Management Team Details

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Please could you send me the updated contact details for your Senior Management Team - Chief Executive/MD, Directors, Assistant Directors and Heads of Service.

Name / Job Title / e-mail

Response 27-11-2014

Roddy Burns, Chief Executive,

Laurence Findlay, Corporate Director (Education & Social Care),

Mark Palmer, Corporate Director (Corporate Services),

Rhona Gunn, Acting Corporate Director (Economic Development, Planning and Infrastructure),

Alasdair McEachan, Acting Head of Legal & Democratic Services,

Denise Whitworth, Head of Human Resources & ICT,

Graham Jarvis, Head of Lifelong Learning, Culture & Sport,

Jim Grant, Head of Development Services,

Margaret Wilson, Head of Financial Services,

Pam Gowans, Chief Officer, Moray Health & Social Care Partnership,

Richard Anderson, Head of Housing & Property,

Stephen Cooper, Head of Direct Services,

Susan Maclaren, Head of Integrated Children's Services,

Vivienne Cross, Acting Head of Schools & Curriculum,

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