FOI Request - Home Economics in Schools

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I work on BBC Scotland’s ‘Landward’ programme, broadcast on Fridays, 7pm, BBC2 Scotland. Our remit to cover stories about food, farming and rural affairs. I’m researching a potential feature for our programme about food education in Scottish schools, presented by Nick Nairn.

Under the terms of ‘Freedom of Information’, can you provide me with the following information:

1) In your area of authority could you list each of Secondary Education Schools, how many pupils are on the school roll and how many - full time equivalent - Home Economics teachers are employed at the school?

2) For each Secondary School can you list how many classrooms within the school are equipped to conduct practical cooking lessons?

3) In your area of authority could you list the primary schools and list which have a dedicated and equipped space to teach practical cookery lessons?

4) For both primary and secondary school can you list the school roll and the maximum capacity of the dining hall?

5) Can you state for each school – primary and secondary - the school roll and the number of meals the in-school kitchen has the capacity produce each lunchtime?

Response 24-11-2014

The information you requested can be found here.

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