FOI Request - Public-i Contract

Request 101000295479

Would it be possible for you to provide answers to the following questions as a Freedom of Information request? They relate to web streaming services provided by Public-i.

1. Can you please provide details as to how many contracts you currently have with Public-i?

2. Can you please provide details as to when these contracts were awarded, and when they are due to expire?

3. Can you please provide details as to the value of each of these contracts?

4. Can you please provide details as to the amount of money spent each year on each of these contracts?

5. Can you please provide details regarding the scope of services included in each of these contracts?

6. Can you please provide an activity report, or any equivalent internal assessment of the provision of services, for each of these contracts?

Response 31-10-2014

1.  One

2.  28 January 2014 - 27 January 2022

3.  £132,000

4.  £16,500

5.  The contract covers the provision of the electronic equipment and supporting technology to enable a reliable, high quality and efficient webcast service and the ongoing maintenance of such.

6.  Do not collect performance information other than the viewing figures over a set period of time, eg for period Apr 2013- April 2014 the viewing figure was 30,616 

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