FOI Request - Private Sector Rented Housing

Request 101000295335

I am writing to you today to request information for each financial year from 2009/10 through to 2013/14.

Under the freedom of information act, I request the following metrics:

1.  The number of EHO staff employed with responsibility for private sector rented housing
2.  The number of inspections of private rented properties carried out by these staff
3.  The number of prosecutions brought against private sector landlords by the Council
4.  The number of households placed in private rented sector (PRS) accommodation by the Council’s housing service
5.  The number of ‘retaliatory’ or ‘revenge’ evictions they [EHOs] dealt with in 2013/14.

Response 13-11-2014

1.  There are 12 officers in the Environmental Health Section who are authorised to carry     out duties in terms of the Housing (Scotland) Acts 1987-2006.

2.  2009-10: 108

     2010-11: 103

     2011-12: 127

     2012-13: 208

     2013-14: 142

3.  None


The Moray Council does not place any households directly into the private rented sector.  The Council’s Housing Options Team does provide information and advice to those who are in housing need.  One of the options covered includes the private rented sector.  We direct interested customers to web pages and local letting agencies where private rented sector properties and rooms are advertised.  The customer has a choice on whether they move into the private rented sector. 

The Moray Council also operates a rent deposit guarantee scheme called the Moray Key fund.  The Key fund has set criteria that need to be met.  When a Housing Options Advisor identifies someone who is eligible and interested in private rented accommodation but financially cannot afford the initial deposit and first month’s rent up front then they will be referred for the Moray Keyfund Deposit Scheme.  More information can be found on our website by clicking on the following link

The Moray Keyfund started in November 2012. The table below shows figures for clients who received a rent deposit guarantee for a private rented sector property through the Moray Keyfund:

Year No of Keyfund Tenancies Started
2012/13 2
2013/14 6
2014/15 so far 1


5.  None

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