FOI Request - Gaelic Medium Education

Request 101000294581

In the last five financial years, how much money has been spent of services relating to Gaelic Medium Education or promotion of the Gaelic language?
Please provide me with the following details:
(a)  Which budget the money was allocated from (i.e. education).
(b)  How much money was initially allocated and how much was actually spent.

(c)  Full details of how the funds were used, broken down by amount and where it was allocated. For example, if £20,000 was used to create new signage or deliver a Gaelic Medium Education class.
(d)  Where the services and activities have been delivered and how many people took part.
(e)  Full details of any savings that have been implemented directly relating to Gaelic services, broken down by amount and how savings were made.

Could you also provide with details on the number of registered or known Gaelic speakers in Moray for the last five financial years?

Response 30-10-2014

(a)  There has been no money spent on this

(b)  N/A

(c)  None

(d)  N/A

(e)  No savings as no money has been spent or allocated

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