FOI Request - CCTV Cameras

Request 101000291940

Please provide me with

(a) The number of CCTV cameras operated/maintained by the council as of 16 October 2014,

(b) The location of each CCTV camera,

(c) The budget, for financial years between 2009 and 2014, for operating the CCTV cameras, and (d) The maintenance history of each CCTV camera including: location of camera, date of maintenance, and reason (i.e. broken or routine maintenance).

Response 28-10-2014

All or public space CCTV cameras in Moray are operated and maintained by Police Scotland. 

Police Scotland has operational responsibility and as such we have no knowledge of the location of the cameras.

Moray Council has no responsibility for the Operational Budget that would be Police.

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