FOI Request - Construction Trade Workers Temporary & Contract

Request 101000290994

I would be obliged if you would please confirm:

[a] the annual spend from commencement to date;
[b] total spend from commencement to date and;
[c] projected total spend;

for temporary and contract construction trade workers recruited either directly or via employment agencies under the following and any other existing or planned Contracts or Framework Agreements:

1.0          Scottish Government Framework Agreement                    April 2010            to            October 2014
2.0          Future Scottish Government Framework Agreement         October 2014       to            October 2017
               [Provisional 1 year option to extend]                                 October 2017      to            October 2018    

Response 03-11-2014

This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 due to

The Scottish Government Framework Agreement April 2010 to October 2014 has been subject to a contract assessment and it was agreed to adopt this for future use.

The Future Scottish Government Framework Agreement has yet to be assessed.

No central records are kept of actual contract spend.

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