FOI Request - Public Health Funerals Undertaken

Request 101000290539

1. The number of public health funerals that you have undertaken over the last ten financial years, including up to date information about the current financial year at the time of writing? I would be grateful if you would please categorise this information on a per year basis.

2. Could you please provide a note of the age and sex of each of the deceased and if possible the person’s name also?

3. How much have you spent in total on public health funerals per year, in terms of question 1, net of any amounts recouped from the deceased’s estate?

4. What do you typically provide as part of a Public Health Funeral?

5. A list of crematoria the council owns.

Response 31-10-2014

1. and 2.(the names of the deceased persons cannot be given)


Three - all females (66, 70 and 83)


One - female (50)


Two - both males (60 and 66)


Five - all males (56, 67(2), 71 and 84)

2014-15 (as at 31 October 2014):

Three - all males (46, 67 and 78)


3. 2010-11: Total cost of £617.14

   2011-12: Total cost of £422.50

   2012-13: Total cost of £1979.32

   2013-14: Total cost of £3875.79

   2014-15: Total cost of £4325.41

4. The Moray Council has a contract with a local funeral undertaker who conveys the deceased person to the funeral rest room, with the other arrangements including the cost of a coffin, the presence of a member of the clergy at the service and the interment. The funeral does not include the cost of flowers, funeral cars or headstones.

5. The Council does not own any crematoria.

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