FOI Request - Christmas Injury Claims

Request 101000290198

1. How many Christmas / festive-related injury claims have been made against the council after the incident occurred on public property since September 2009 and how many of those were successful?

2. The total amount of compensation that has been paid out as a result of successful Christmas / festive claims made due to injury while on public / Government property in the area governed by the local council since September 2009

3. A list detailing the cause of each individual incident which resulted in a successful claim and the amount of money that was paid out per incident in each successful claim since September 2009

4. An outline of the procedure carried out by both the service provider and the local authority once an injury claim has been made.

To clarify, questions 1 to 3 relate to claims notified since September 2009.

No clarification received therefore case closed 30-11-2015

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