FOI Request - Community Service - Offenders

Request 101000289725

1) How many times in each of the last three financial years (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14) have offenders been unable to undertake community service due to council staff shortages? For clarification, this would also refer to times when offenders turned up to do community service but were told they could not be accommodated that day due to staff shortages. Please provide separate figures for each year.

2) How many unpaid work orders has the council had to provide staff for in each of the last three financial years? Please provide figures for how many hours of unpaid work there were each year.

3) How many staff has the council employed in each of the last three financial years to supervise community service?

Response 30-10-2014

1)  2010/11 - None

     2012/13 - None

     2013/14 - None

2)  2011/12 186 Orders;

     2012/13 177 Orders; 

   2013/14* 207 Orders 

(* because 2013-14 figures have not yet been published these number may change  However, it is unlikely that any change would be significant)

Unpaid Work Hours 2011/12 unavailable; 2012/2013 13,851; 2013/2014 13,707

3)  1x Senior Task Supervisor; 2.5 FTE Task Supervisor; 0.5 FTE Projects Officer (for all 3 financial years 2011/12 to 2013/14)

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