Homelessness Strategy

Moray Homelessness Strategy 2015-2018

The Moray Council and its partners have developed a Homelessness Strategy for 2015 – 2018.  It sets out how we will continue to work together over the next three years to prevent and alleviate homelessness by responding to the needs of individuals and families that are facing homelessness.

The aim of the strategy is “to prevent homelessness where possible, but when it does arise, to ensure that appropriate assistance and support is provided”.

The main objectives of the new strategy will help retain a focus on:

  • housing options and homeless prevention;
  • provision of temporary and permanent accommodation; and
  • housing support and tenancy sustainment.

The Homelessness Strategy 2015 – 2018 is based on the continued work of the Moray Council’s Housing Needs Section along with input from partners in the Homelessness Strategy Group and re-affirms our commitment to preventing and alleviating homelessness in all its forms.

Homeless Strategy 2015-18

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