FOI Request - Physical Education

Request 101000286684

I am writing on behalf of The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) to request information relating to the terms of the following EIS AGM 2014 Resolution:

Physical Education

"That this AGM instructs Council to investigate and report on the availability of resources and access to quality CPD for staff to deliver the weekly two hours of quality physical education prescribed by the Scottish Government"

Response 03-10-2014

  • There is a PE Lead officer (PELO) in post
  • There is a range of CPD Courses available to all teaching staff.
  • Pilot project taking place to deliver Better Movers and Thinkers (BMT)
  • PELO supports colleagues in individual schools
  • PELO supports ASG PE Groups
  • A PE framework and progressions have been developed and are in schools
  • A PE Pack is being developed to assist with identification of levels, assessment and moderation
  • The authority supports schools to access PE Core Fund (Education Scotland)
  • Inservice Days – internal and external deliverers
  • PELO has met with every primary HT to clarify what quality PE is and advise on the provision of 2hrs PE

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