FOI Request - Nursery Education - Extended Hours

Request 101000286674

I am writing on behalf of The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) to request information relating to the terms of the following EIS AGM 2014 Resolution:

Nursery Education: Extended Hours

"This AGM instructs Council to investigate and report on how the extended hours for nursery education and childcare are being delivered within each Council in Scotland and the impact this is having on children's learning and the ability of staff to:

(a)  have team meetings;
(b)  plan the curriculum and the delivery of learning;
(c)  prepare the environment within the time allocated;
(d)  complete the learning logs and reports for each pupil;
(e)  care for nursery resources

Response 02-10-2014

In order to support staff in delivering the extended hours of early learning and childcare, draft guidance has been produced in consultation with early years practitioners, Head Teachers and union representatives. It describes expectations in terms of managing workload and to provide a consistency for staff across the authority. There is no expectation that staff plan more but that they take time to do things in more depth.

Each school has been given an allocation of time to allow Senior Nursery Nurses to fulfil their management role (20 days per FTE). Head Teachers have been asked to negotiate how this time will be used with their Senior Nursery Nurses.

a  Team meetings

The management time described above could be used for this.

b. Plan the curriculum and the delivery of learning

Some management time could be used for this. Guidance on planning promotes annual overviews with significant learning identified and grouping of Es and Os to provide a framework. Planning from children’s needs and interests should be done with the children (floor books, mind maps, etc) as far as possible.

c.  Prepare the environment within the time allocated.

Again staff are asked to do as much as possible and is reasonable with the children in terms of setting up, tidying, etc.

d.  Complete the learning logs and reports for each pupil

Learning logs/profiles should be completed /updated with the children.

Reporting should be an ongoing process throughout the year. Part of this would be sharing learning logs/profiles with parents regularly. This should mean a much shorter end of year report. Some management time could also be allocated to this.

e.  Care for nursery resources

Systems should be in place to identify and replace faulty/broken resources.

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