FOI Request - Market Stalls St Giles Centre

Request 101000286451

Could you tell me who is operating the market stalls selling purses and wallets market stall outside the St Giles Centre door today. The answer should be a persons name and address...not "the applicant" as you responded a couple of years ago when I asked.

Who takes money for these stalls on our High Street. The answer should be a person or company name, or 'the Moray Council', not the applicant as you responded two years ago when I asked.

How much does the person pay to operate there. The answer should be in pounds sterling, not some vague nonsense like ..'the going rate'

Is one company in charge of all stalls on the High Street or are there individual applicants.

Response 30-09-2014

The market is operating within the guidance of the Plainstones Framework which also includes full consultation with relevant Council Departments and other agencies with regards to permission to use the site. The applicant also has a licence to operate a market which covers the number of stalls as applied.  The market operator remains responsible for the market as a whole therefore the individual stallholders do not need individual street trader licences.

The fee for the use of the Plainstones site is £88 with the market operators' licence is £281. The operator is Continental Market Ltd.

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