FOI Request - Early Education Entitlement

Request 101000286406

I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 about the funding of Early Education Entitlement - often known as Early Years provision for 3 and 4 year-olds.
1.   Please can you tell me if your council provides Free Early Education Entitlement to four year-olds once they have started in a reception class at school or does this funding allocation stop once they leave nursery and start formal education?

2.   If it does continue once school starts, is this money paid directly to the state school until the term after the child in question turns 5 (the cut-off age for the entitlement) or can a parents use the money to pay an accredited childminder for extra help e.g to do school pick up if they have a job?

3.   Equally, if the child is instead at a private (independent/ fee-paying school) is the money paid to that school until the term after the child turns five? Does this only happen if that school had a nursery attached?

4.   If yes to question 3, do you know how many independent/private/fee-paying schools have nurseries attached to them in your region?

If question 4 would require more time than is allocated under FOI, I would be happy to only have a response to the first three.

Response 10-10-2014

1. There are no reception classes in The Moray Council.  Pre-school funding is available for eligible children, which ends when they enrol in primary 1.

2. Not applicable.

3. The Moray Council provides funded pre-school education within Council nursery units, or through the commissioning of places with partnership centres, private nursery/daycare providers, or independent school kindergartens.

4. The Moray Council provides funded pre-school education for eligible children attending an Moray Steiner School Kindergarten, which is an independent fee paying school.

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