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It is now over 5 months since Moray Council started to implement its programme of Self Directed Support.   I would like to make a Freedom of Information request of your local authority concerning its personalisation of social care process for adults with support needs and of support for carers in order to understand how that process is going.   

1. A copy of the latest internal council report on progress with Self Directed Support.

2. A copy of the latest versions of any Self Evaluation or Assessment Questionnaire that will be used with people needing support through the SDS process.

3. A copy of any form that is used for assessing carers’ needs as part of a Self Directed Support process.

4. Any Scoring Sheet that accompanies these questionnaires which awards points for each part of each question including details of any deflators or multipliers.

5. A copy of any RAS or “Equivalence” documentation which shows how your council establishes each individual budget awarded in the SDS.

6. A copy of any review or appeals process documentation that people can use if they disagree with an estimated or allocated budget decision.

7. Please provide information on your policy and processes in relation to Option 2, including, what flexibility or limits you have in place over the use of budgets

8. Please provide the information that completes the following table or as much of it as is collected by your local authority.

Response 22-10-2014

1.  Please see attached document.

2.  Please see attached document, we currently have two self assessment questionnaires in place, through our involvement with IRISS and the pilotlight pathways we developed a separate questionnaire for Mental Health service users to take into account the fluctuating condition, I would like to stress that the points weighted to each question have not altered to the standard questionnaire and the maximum budget allocated again has not been altered to ensure a fair allocation of resources across service groups.

3.  We currently commission Quarriers to carry out our carers assessment but this is not directly relating to SDS, we are waiting on further guidance from Scot Gov as to carers and SDS.  We do take into consideration in the Supported Self Assessment Questionnaire, the level of support carer are providing and the impact that this is having on them when awarding a budget.

4.  The information you requested can be found here.  It should be noted that resource allocation is reviewed annually at the beginning of the year.

5.  The information you requested can be found here.  

6.  As The Moray Council had been running a SDS pilot since January 2012 with comparatively low numbers coming through in relation to the overall numbers of people receiving a community care service, we did not have a need to develop a separate appeals process for those who were not in agreement with their indicative budget.  We have acknowledged that we now need to develop a separate appeals process in light of all individuals eligible for long term support being allocated indicative budgets.  This is something that we are currently developing.

7.  As like many other local authorities this is still in the development stage.  We have just entered a test phase in developing ISF’s and the learning from this will dictate our policy and process surrounding this option of SDS.

8.  The information can be found here.  

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