FOI Request - Planning Application Numbers

Request 101000284816

(a)  During the previous 12 months, up to and including 19 September 2014, how many planning applications have been submitted to Moray Council
(b)  How many of the applications have been  recommended for refusal by the Planning Officer under delegated powers
(c)  How many of the applications have been voted for approval by Councillors at Planning and Regulatory Services Committee meetings against the recommendation of the Planning Officer

(a)  How many of the applications refused during the above period have been appealed against under local review and DPEA
(b)  How many of the appeal applications have been upheld and the permission granted  
(c)  How many of the appeals have been dismissed

Response 14-10-2014

1 (a)  1079 applications have been received in the period

1 (b)  45 applications decided in the period were recommended for Refusal by the officer

1 (c)  12 applications decided (not under delegated powers) in the period were recommended for Refusal by the Planning Officer and of these 1 application was overturned (approved by committee).

2 (a)  7 LRB and 5 DPEA.  A further 6 are with the Local Review Requested and further 3 undetermined appeals are with the DPEA submitted within the period.

2 (b)  5 and two partially upheld

2 (c)  5

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