FOI Request - Air Conditioning Assessment Certification

Request 101000284474

This request follows legal and mandatory legislation under the European Performance of Buildings Directive and specifically T.M44 Air Conditioning Assessment certification. Your Air Conditioning Assessment Certificates should be readily available at all times and be lodged on the government Landmark database. Failure to have appropriate Certificates will be subject to fines of £300 per building, each week.

1. It is a legal requirement that you hold valid Air Conditioning Assessments if any building has a total of more than 12kw of air conditioning present. Certificates are valid from 5 years of the issue date. Have you undertaken a T.M44 Air Conditioning Assessment?

2. Who is the responsible person for ensuring that your buildings are surveyed and assessed, please provide the name, address, email address and telephone number of the responsible person.

3. If your T.M44 Certificates are in place, what is their expiry date?  

4. What was the order value of the works placed with the Company which undertook the work?

5. Provide a breakdown of the price per building if available.

6. How many Certificates were produced?

7. Was the Assessor independent as required under the Regulations?

8. Name the Assessor organisation.

9. Do you have ISO 14001 Accreditation

Response 17-10-2014

1.  We have assessed our properties no units fall into this category.

2.  Colin Watson, Service Inspection Engineer, Council Office, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX - 01343 563722

3.  N/A

4.  N/A

5.  N/A

6.  N/A

7.  N/A

8.  N/A

9.  No

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