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Community Grants:
1. The name of your community grants process.

2. The total amount given out in 2012/13

3. The total amount given out in 2013/14

4. The total amount given out/allocated in 2014/15

5. A description of the process (Criteria, scoring, who decides etc.)

6. A web address for the application.

7. An email address for the officer responsible

Local Community Engagement Structures
1. The name of your local community engagement structures (Forums, Committees etc.)

2. A quick description of how they work, how the public can get involved and what they do.

3. Money available for the group to spend

4. Website address for this structure

5. Other things fed in to the structure or used for engagement (Local police groups, twitter, facebook, e-panel etc)

6. Contact email for the officer responsible.

Response 10-10-2014

There are currently no Community Grant Schemes or processes in the Moray Council however grants to Community Groups may be awarded through one of the Common Good Funds or a Council administered Trust Fund (where the terms of the Trust Deed allow).

The totals paid to community groups in 2012/13 and 2013/14 through the Common Good Funds and the Trust Funds are:
2012/13 £42,000
2013/14 £30,000

Specific amounts are not allocated to community groups and each application is considered on its merits. Information can be found here and here.

Local Community Engagement Structures

The Community Planning Partnership established a Community Engagement Group which is chaired by the Convener of Moray Council who also sits on the board of the Community Planning Partnership with membership from as follows: The Moray Forum, 
The Joint Community Councils of Moray, Moray Federation of Community Halls and Associations, Moray Tenants Forum, tsiMoray, Moray Equalities Forum, Disability Forum, Moray Youth Council, Patient Participation Forum, The Moray Council, NHS Grampian and Police Scotland.

The purpose of the Community Engagement Group is to make sure that Moray has the right people right skills and sets the right standards for effective community engagement.   We also have established an officers groups the “Community Engagement Network“ which allows those officers from the Council and Community Planning partners who regularly consult or engage with the public to share good practice and to support the Community engagement group of the Partnership.

There are currently  5 Area Forums operational based on the recognised school catchment areas in Elgin South, Forres, Buckie, Milnes and Speyside. The Forums provide a clear means of involving and engaging local people in identifying and addressing local priorities.

Anyone can come along to the meetings and become active in the forum, they are regularly consulted on a number of issues by the partners including the Moray Council and will raise issues with the Community planning partnership and actively promote community engagement in their areas and carry out local initiatives.  The forums have established an umbrella group “The Moray Forum” which meets regularly to coordinate and share .

We provide administration funds to the individual forums and the Moray Forum in
2013/14 we distributed £8600
20-14/15 we distributed £7905

There are 15 Community Councils currently active across Moray. Community Councils should aim to represent all people in the area without prejudice: they are non-party political and non-sectarian. They must call for nominations publicly and hold contested elections. Any person 18 years or over and resident in the Community Council area, can be nominated to join their local Community Council.

Community Councils are regularly consulted by the local authority and public bodies on a wide range of issues which affect their area, such as planning, environment and health. All Community Council meetings are open to the public.  The Community Councils have an umbrella organisation; The Joint Community Councils of Moray
In 2012/13 we gave a total of      £15,593.71 to 17 Community Councils
In 2013/14 we gave a total of      £13,548.41 to 17 Community Councils
In 2012/15 we will give a total of £13,398.43 to 15 Community Councils
We also gave £500 to the joint community Councils organisation in each financial year.

The Community Support Unit is part of the Chief Executive’s office within the Moray Council.
There are two distinct operational aspects within the Community Support Unit, these are:
• Community Support and Engagement

The Community Support Unit is committed to:
Development work that strengthens the ability of community organisation and groups to:
• Build structures, systems, people and skills
• Engage in consultations and planning
• Manage community projects
• Take part in partnership and community enterprises
• Take effective action and leading roles in development of their communities.
It includes aspects of training, organisational and personal development and resource building organised and planned systematically reflecting the principles of empowerment and equality.
Developing and supporting Community Capacity Building and Better Community Engagement with Community planning partners and community stakeholders.
This unit currently has 110 actives support agreements in place  with community and voluntary organisations as well as taking a key role in organising and facilitating major issue consultation and engagement  exercises

The Tenant Participation Strategy 2013-2016 jointly produced with tenant representatives sets out how the Council plans to consult and involve tenants to help them shape the housing services we deliver.
To ensure Tenant Participation is maximised, we offer a range of formal and informal ways for tenants and other customers to become involved, for example:
• by taking part in surveys by either email, online, text phone or post
• customer panels
• open days
• estate walkabouts
• focus groups
• tenant inspectors
• mystery shoppers

The Moray Tenants’ Forum -  is the only tenant group in Moray.  The Forum is given an annual budget of £3,000 to cover the everyday expenses of running the group.  The Forum also has an annual environmental budget of £25,000 which is used for environmental improvements identified by the group throughout Moray.

The Housing & Property Scrutiny Framework – this sets out the Council’s approach to tenant led scrutiny, putting tenants and other customers in the driving seat to challenge our performance and to work with us to achieve the Council’s vision of: “enabling tenants and other customers to take a lead role in examining our services in a clear and open manner.  To report their findings in order to support the Council to deliver good quality, value for money services to tenants, increasing customer satisfaction and improving housing and housing related services”. There are more working groups etc. where tenants are involved.

The following Community Care user groups: Public Partnership Forum (PPF), Older People’s Reference Group, Carers’ Forum,  Telehealthcare Reference Group, Moray Learning Disability Partnership Board, Moray Autism Partnership Board, DUO (Disability User-led Organisation ), Most day services have service-user reference groups.
These groups have access to expenses for members to attend meetings

Children and Young People - There is a Moray Youth Council which is supported by Council youth Work staff and its members are given expenses if required to attend

All schools primary and secondary schools have a Pupil Council. We have 55 Parent Councils across Moray and the Council support with accommodation and pays for the groups insurance which in this financial year totalled £4,777
The Council has a Community Engagement Scheme (PDF) which adheres to the national Standards of Community Engagement. This means that we would as a matter of course target all relevant stakeholders and not simply wider community groups. The Council has been involved in a number of large scale consultations such as the future of the revenue Budget, the future of Libraries, The School Estate and leisure services review. In which we have invited those with the closest interest as well as wider community representation.
We also use a Citizen’s panel. The Moray Council has a ‘twitter’ and Facebook account as well as its own website

Economic Development - Economic Development supports the communities in a range of areas which includes the delivery of grants through the following programmes (currently closed)
European Fisheries Fund Axis 4 – has supported some coastal community groups to fund projects which will either improve the profile of the FLAG area; increase and expand businesses and develop the offer in the tourism sector, Increase the value added activity
Leader Programme 2007-2013 (now closed).  A new strategy is currently being developed and a new funding programme will be available in 2015 which will cover LEADER, Fisheries and European Structural Funds
Moray Towns Partnership – provides grant assistance to community projects to the mains towns of Forres, Lossiemouth, Keith and Buckie
Regular Fundraising and individual funding events are held where communities can obtain advice from a range of funders such as the BID Lottery, SportScotland, etc
Moray Tourism Link pilot event open to anyone involved in tourism to create networking links to the industry
Support is also given to a range of community organizations listed above in relation to funding  such as Buckie and Forres Area forum as well as Keith regeneration group and The Lossiemouth development group.

The e-mail contact is

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