FOI Request - Childcare Facilities Information

Request 101000282034

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding childcare facilities offered by the council.

1.In the last five years has the childcare budget of the council been cut? If so, can you please tell me what the budget was originally and what it is now.

2.In the last five years how many childcare schemes or breakfast or after-school clubs have been closed? Please provide the total number of these before the closures and afterwards - and name and describe the clubs or schemes which were closed, with details of what age of children took part.

3.In the last five years have hours been cut for any childcare schemes or breakfast or after-school clubs. If so please provide details of how the hours were reduced.

4.Have charges been introduced for any childcare schemes or breakfast or after-school clubs? If so, please tell me which schemes and how much the charges introduced are.

Response 17-09-2014

1. There was no budget for childcare within the former CLD Youth Work Team and now the Engagement Team, provision was self-financing.

2. One: Forres Out of School Club catered mainly for primary children and closed summer 2014.

3. No

4. No

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