FOI Request - Sexual Exploitation in Children

Request 101000280970

a) What is the total number of children who were referred this year (2014), or became known, to the council amid concerns that they are, or at some stage have been, at risk of sexual exploitation.

b) Please also provide the figures, in the same table, for 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

c) In the same table, please include the age of the youngest child thought to be at risk of sexual exploitation, for each year.

d) Separately, and solely for cases in 2014, please provide an anonymised breakdown for each child.
Please include as much information of the following as is available.
- gender of each child
- age of each child
- a summary description (or at least a category) of the concerns around sexual exploitation. For being exploited by a family member; exploited in return for alcohol or drugs, involved in sex trade (receiving money or other rewards in return for sexual acts); or victim of child prostitution.

If any other the information would be exempt for any reason, please answer the remaining questions.

Response 22-09-2014

In order to give data for this information request, I have provided information on children who have been registered on the Child Protection Register under the concerns of Child Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.  However, the purpose of this register is to highlight the risks to a child and as such, these risks may or may not be an actuality for the child. Also, children are often registered under numerous categories of concern. 

We have only been able to report on those who are deemed to be at ‘significant risk’ and not all who have been referred to us in relation to concerns about sexual exploitation.

a)  Seven children were added to the CP Register in 2014 under the categories of sexual abuse and/or child exploitation.

b)  2013 – Nine children

     2012 – One child (however during late 2011 and 2012, there was a procedural change and concerns for registration were not recorded)

     2011 – Five children

     2010 – Eight children

c)  Children are often added to the CP Register before they are born or at birth.  This was the case in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

d)  Due to the small numbers recorded, it is not possible to give any more detailed information about children because of the danger of identification of the child.

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