FOI Request - Ghosts and Supernatural Occurrences

Request 101000280710

Information relating to any reports of, or sightings of, ghosts or other ghostly or supernatural occurrences within Council properties and sites over the past 24 months (please note this can either be calendar months Jan-Dec, financial months Apr-Mar or the last 12 months Sep-Aug depending on how you collate your own data).

For clarification purposes when I say "reports of, or sightings of" this would relate to any instances reported to members of staff.

If there have been instances reported, I seek details about the nature of the incident, where it took place and the date.

Response 29-09-2014

During early 2013, when carrying out a vacant building inspection at Bishopmill House, one of the Maintenance team claims to have seen a spirit figure of "an old lady carrying a bag" in one of the corridors.

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